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Finding an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Daytona Beach

Florida has gained a reputation as a popular destination for motorcycle enthusiasts and such vehicles account for a statistically high number of deaths and other injuries on Florida roadways. If you have been the victim of a motorcycle accident or were injured as a direct result of another driver’s negligence, you could be entitled to pursue legal action and receive compensation for damages. Most people involved in motorcycle accidents realize they may need a lawyer but some make the mistake of assuming every attorney is trial ready. The reality is you won’t need just any lawyer; you’ll need the services... Read More

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Volusia County to Deal with Accidental Death

The leading causes of accidental or wrongful death in Volusia County, Florida are motor vehicle accidents. When drivers fail to observe the rules of the road, they pose a significant danger to other drivers and to themselves. Each year, many motorists lose their lives as a direct result of driver negligence. There is nothing worse in life than the sudden and devastating loss of a close friend or family member. In addition to the inextricable emotional turmoil of such a tragedy, the victim’s family members must also contend with the financial and economic impacts of the accident. If the accident... Read More

Seeking Boating Accident Damages: Hire Personal Injury Attorney in Flagler County

Flagler County in Florida is particularly well known for its abundance of beautiful coastlines and waterways that provide endless opportunities for boating enthusiasts. By law, boat owners must exercise extreme caution to avoid causing injuries to passengers, divers, swimmers or others in the surrounding vicinity. This can be said of all operators of watercraft regardless of their size or class. The contributing factors to boating accidents resulting in collisions, drownings or other injuries can be generally attributed to driver inexperience, human error, inebriation, unfavourable weather conditions, improper boat maintenance, faults in equipment and poor planning or foresight. Laws Regarding Reportable... Read More

Personal Injury Lawyer in Daytona Beach Required for Slip and Fall Cases

With countless health and safety regulations in the workplace it can be difficult to believe that slip and fall accidents still occur, but they do. The reason why severe injuries are often sustained is because the body is unprepared for it which invariably leads to some of the worst injuries possible. If these injures are incurred due to the negligence of another, a qualified personal injury lawyer in Daytona Beach will be able to determine whether you can exhibit legal recourse under Florida law and may be able to file for personal injury on your behalf. Common Causes of Slip... Read More