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Does Your Personal Injury Attorney in Flagler County Work on Contingency? Here is What It Means

The worst has happened – you have been seriously injured in an auto accident through no fault of your own, and now you are in pain, your life has been changed forever, and quite possibly you are unable to work. It is difficult to think clearly in such circumstances, but people have been urging you to contact a personal injury lawyer. You begin the process of researching attorneys – but some of them want to discuss fees up front while others are offering ‘contingency.’ You need a lawyer precisely because you do not have any money, but what does ‘contingency’... Read More

Did You Slip and Fall in Daytona Beach? A Personal Injury Lawyer in Your Next Step

Nothing is more jarring and upsetting than a slip and fall. Walking is something adults are used to doing every day without incident, and when gravity and some other aspect of our environment conspire to send us tumbling to the ground, the best case scenario is a bruised ego and perhaps stained trousers. The worst-case scenario is much more frightening: Serious injury that affects your life in infinite ways, from your ability to work to your ability to enjoy life. The reaction and aftermath of a slip and fall injury is telescopic in nature. At first, you must assess your... Read More

The Hard Truth about Motorcycle Accidents, from a Personal Injury Attorney in Volusia County

Motorcycle enthusiasts typically see themselves as independent thinkers and adventurous spirits, partly due to the increased perceived danger of riding motorcycles. While it is true that riding at high speeds without a safety cage can put the rider in more danger than the operator of an automobile, the hard truth about motorcycle accidents – which I can personally attest to as a Personal Injury Lawyer in Volusia County – is that circumstances are out of the rider’s control. In other words, no matter how careful you are when riding your motorcycle, accidents will happen due to errors on the part... Read More

When the Worst Has Happened: Reaching Out to a Personal Injury Lawyer in Daytona Beach

No one can control every aspect of their lives – in fact, the parts of our lives that we can control are much fewer than most of us believe. We all imagine we make all the decisions that affect us, but the fact is sometimes the universe decides for us – and sometimes our neighbors, or businesses in our area, make decisions that affect us in ways we could not possibly predict. Such is the case when you suffer a ‘slip and fall’ injury due to the negligence or incompetence of someone else. The worst possible scenario can occur: a... Read More