Areas of Practice

Auto Accidents
Nobody expects to be in an auto accident, but when one occurs, it is imperative you find an experienced attorney. Chances are you will be busy getting your health back on track and too busy getting caught up in your health to worry about settlements from insurance companies and negotiating with lawyers who represent other parties involved. An auto accident injury attorney can do this for you. You are the victim…Read More
Motorcycle Accidents
Riding a motorcycle is a risky endeavor, but it is one that many are happy to take. There are few things that beat the freedom of hitting the open road on a clear, bright day. Unfortunately, not every driver on the road makes the effort to respect bikers. All too often, motorcycle accidents are caused by people who are careless and make bad judgments. If you are injured because of the actions…Read More
Slip & Falls
Slip and fall attorneys work hard to help you protect your rights. You never know when a slip and fall will occur. The reason injuries can be so severe when you fall is because you are unprepared for it. If you are engaged in something dangerous, your body is prepared to take the impact of a fall, but when you are just strolling along relaxed and comfortable, your body has mere…Read More
Civil Mediation
Legal disputes are common in this day and age, and all too often, the disputing parties end up in a courtroom. They turn all of their power over to a judge or jury and their fate is decided by total strangers. Often, this results in both an unhappy defendant and an unhappy plaintiff. Luckily, there is a better option.Read More