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Daytona Beach is Motorcycle Heaven

Our fantastic year-round weather, the wonderful surf and sand, and the beautiful coastline make the area around Daytona Beach and throughout the state of Florida a great destination and a popular home for motorcycle enthusiasts. With our very own annual Biketoberfest® and Daytona Bike Week here in Daytona Beach, not only do we have thousands of local motorcycle enthusiasts on the roads, but also many more thousands of guests will be riding in from other states who may not know Florida motorcycle laws, creating increased traffic and more safety concerns. Motorcycle Safety is an Important Issue in Daytona Beach The... Read More

Are the Injuries Reported in Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits More Serious Than Car Accidents?

There’s no doubt that anyone who has lived through a car accident, bus accident, or other kind of vehicle accident will escape the feeling that they are happy to be alive. Some kinds of accidents, however, tend to generate more serious injuries than others. One such example are those that cause motorcycle lawsuits, typically handled by a Daytona Beach personal injury lawyer. To put it simply, motorcycle riders tend to be more exposed than individuals inside other vehicles. There may be a few different parties that you go after in a motorcycle lawsuit depending on who your Daytona Beach personal... Read More

Finding an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Daytona Beach

Florida has gained a reputation as a popular destination for motorcycle enthusiasts and such vehicles account for a statistically high number of deaths and other injuries on Florida roadways. If you have been the victim of a motorcycle accident or were injured as a direct result of another driver’s negligence, you could be entitled to pursue legal action and receive compensation for damages. Most people involved in motorcycle accidents realize they may need a lawyer but some make the mistake of assuming every attorney is trial ready. The reality is you won’t need just any lawyer; you’ll need the services... Read More