Civil Mediation Can Be Very Effective

Civil mediation is an informal and confidential way for two sides to discuss their differences. An impartial third-party mediator is used to work with the individuals in an attempt to resolve the dispute without going to the expense and stress of a time-consuming formal court action. Civil mediation also allows you to have the opportunity to freely discuss your reasoning in the dispute and to listen and better understand the other party’s standpoint in a neutral and confidential environment. Better communication can lead to a much more mutually acceptable resolution.

Civil mediation sessions will last only a few hours, but they can be longer based on the complexity and the number of the issues being discussed and the parties involved. Even so, your issue will be resolved much more quickly through civil mediation than taking the matter to court. A court contest can take months or years to complete.

The mediator is trained to facilitate the discussion but does not make a decision for one party. A civil mediator assists the parties in finding their own solutions to problems. That is another benefit of civil mediation: you are in control and can help create the solution with the other party.

No Risk in Trying Mediation

If you and the other party are unable to reach an agreement after civil mediation, you can still go to court. The details of what was said in your civil mediation are not given to the judge or used by the other party in a court hearing.