Civil Mediation


egal disputes are common in this day and age, and all too often, the disputing parties end up in a courtroom. They turn all of their power over to a judge or jury and their fate is decided by total strangers. Often, this results in both an unhappy defendant and an unhappy plaintiff. Luckily, there is a better option.

Civil mediation provides a means by which legal disputes can be settled with respect and dignity. Mediation brings disputing parties in Daytona Beach, FL together to discuss the issue at hand and find a resolution that is mutually satisfactory. It is less expensive than litigation and saves time and heartache. In many cases, relationships are preserved even after the dispute because it is handled in a professional, focused manner. Fewer hard feelings means disputing parties can walk away from the table with their relationship intact. If you are involved in a legal dispute, consider mediation as one of the best options to settle the problem. Contact Michael Falkowski today at (386) 257-1606. He can help bring a satisfactory resolution to your dispute with minimal stress, time and stress for everyone involved.