No Such Thing as a Fender Bender

Automobiles have become highly sophisticated pieces of complex machinery over the past few decades. Changing a car’s motor oil is no longer a Saturday afternoon project for the owner. With the electronic systems and intricate monitoring devices in cars today, it is worth the trouble to take in to a garage or the dealership and let a licensed mechanic take care of it.

This is also true about a parking lot fender bender at the grocery store. A small auto accident resulting in a scratch or a dent may require the replacement of a quarter panel or an extensive paint job. There are a lot of parts under your car’s hood that do not look like they are damaged until a few days later when it is discovered when you are driving on the highway or when you turn the ignition after the car sits out overnight.

Injuries May Develop Over Time

The same type of thing can be said about injuries from a minor accident. Major issue can arise. Weeks after what seems to be a minor auto accident, an individual may wake up in the morning with back pain, limited limb or neck mobility, or severe headaches. These types of injuries were not apparent when the auto accident happened, but still were the result of it. Each person’s body reacts differently to trauma—this includes not just physical trauma and pain, but also emotional stress and injury.

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