Slip & Falls


lip and fall attorneys work hard to help you protect your rights. You never know when a slip and fall will occur. The reason injuries can be so severe when you fall is because you are unprepared for it. If you are engaged in something dangerous, your body is prepared to take the impact of a fall, but when you are just strolling along relaxed and comfortable, your body has mere seconds to prepare. Ultimately, slips and falls result in some of the worst injuries possible.

Have you been a victim of a slip and fall accident? An experienced Daytona Beach, FL personal injury attorney can help you take action. If you are injured because of the negligence of another person or company, you are entitled to financial support to help with your medical bills, pain, and suffering. No victim of a slip and fall accident should be expected to forgo medical care because of financial issues. Contact Michael Falkowski today at (386) 257-1606 today. He is experienced personal injury attorney who can give you the accurate information and expert legal assistance you need in dealing with your slip and fall accident.